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Welcome to 1. HNL Top Tipper Tipping Competition, the free to play pools competition where you could become the
Topmost Tipster Online

Don't worry if you're joining late, we award you away wins for all matches already played and there are monthly competition leagues as well as an overall Championship table.

Hang on, what are you talking about?!!? What is a tipping competition?

Well, Tipping Competitions are a lot of fun and are played all over the world. For every match in a sporting competition, eg the English Premier League, you have to 'tip' (predict) the winner of each match. Whoever tips the most correct winners gets the most points!

We also offer a variety of competitions where you can tip the scores and margins

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Below is a list of all tipping competitions you can choose to participate in:
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As Cloughie would say, it only takes a second to make a tip.

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